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Make money by simply taking a photo of your receipt and submitting to Shoppix.

I was recently introduced to Shoppix by Gina Caro from GypsySoul Blog


Token receipt

Gina sent me a referral link with a referral code attached (this gives you extra reward tokens), I had to add this when I signed up for a free account.

How I started

Download the Shoppix App (phone is best as its easy to submit photos. Log into Shoppix and set up an Account (this took just a couple of minutes)


          Enter the Referral code: 5096Z26F                  (and you will earn up to 200 tokens, I       also get up to 200).  You have to wait for a minute or so for a confirmation email, click           on the link and you are good to go!.

You get more tokens by Completing your registration, updating your profile, winning scratchcards and completing surveys.

Submitting receipts is really quick and easy!

Get your receipt out, flatten it and place it on a flat surface, Open up the app, press the camera icon, make sure when you take your photo it is within the dotted lines and the whole receipt is visible! take the photo and then press finish…nearly done, press go, tell them who paid for the trip and press next to submit.

I started on Wednesday 15th November 2017, and so far to date (Monday 20th November 2017) I have earnt:

20 tokens – scratchcard win.

25 tokens – Asda receipt

100 tokens – First receipt bonus

20 tokens – Survey (Pet Quiz)

25 tokens – Asda receipt

5 tokens – Time bonus (receipt sent same day)

25 tokens – Mc Donalds receipt

25 tokens – Asda receipt

5 tokens – Time bonus (receipt sent same day)

25 tokens – Asda receipt

25 tokens – Trago Mills filling station

5 tokens – Time bonus (Receipt sent same day)

25 tokens – Wilko receipt

Total tokens: 730

I have a lot of receipts, the kids and I love to womble for receipts, but it was generally Asda receipts for The Price Guarantee or Tesco to get the points. Now they are picking up any receipts and clearing up the streets in the process!! Win Win situation.


Once you have 3200 tokens you can exchange them for rewards

Amazon voucher: 3200 = £5.00 or 6000 = £10.00

I Tunes Voucher: 3200 = £5.00 or 6000 = £10.00

Love2Shop Vouchers: 3200 = £5.00 or 6000 = £10.00

Paypal deposit: 3200 = £5.00 or 6000 = £10.00

I may even save up the points so that Hubby can have some I Tunes vouchers.


As far as I am aware you can use almost any receipts as long as they have:

The shop/service provider, date (must be within 7 days), the individual items or services paid for and the total price paid. The receipt must be printed and not handwritten.

They do not accept bus or train tickets

I have used receipts from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Mc Donalds, Coop, Vue, Poundland, Trago Mills filling station and Main site, Morrisons, Asda, Marks & Spencers and Wilko.

If you submit your receipts on the same day you will receive a 5 token bonus.

Please note if you submit more than one receipt to the same store in one day….only 1 will count!

Update: Friday 24th November (9 days in) and I have now reached 1265 points! and only 1935 tokens away from my first £5.00.


Give Shoppix a go and let me know how you find it?  Or if you already had Shoppix, I would love to hear some tips !.

Don’t forget to enter 5096Z26F in the referral box for extra tokens.

Lynsey x











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