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Rocky Road Recipe

These Fridge bars are an ideal addition to your fridge and store for up to a month! Whats not to like about them!

Makes up to 16 bite-sized bars (depending on the size you want).

Cost:£2.54 (based on Asda’s own products)

Rocky Road Fridge Bars


125g soft unsalted Butter (chopped)

300g Dark Chocolate (broken into pieces)

3 TBSP Golden Syrup

100g Mini Marshmallows

200g Rich Tea Biscuits (broken into small pieces)



Parchment paper


Tin (I use a 2″ deep square 8″x 8″ tin)

Airtight storage container



Heat the Butter, Chocolate, and Syrup gently in a pan until melted.

(Remove approx 125ml of the chocolate mixture and set aside).

Add the broken biscuits and marshmallows to the mixture and fold in.

Line the tin with parchment paper.

Add the mixture to the lined tin, press and smooth.

Pour on the set aside Chocolate mixture and level.

Allow to set in the fridge for at least two hours – overnight if possible).

Once it has set, use a large sharp knife to cut into required size (i cut mine into 16).

You can also add dried fruits/nuts to the mixture or add a few chocolate chips ontop.

Store in an airtight storage container for upto a month.



2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Rocky Road Fridge Bars – OptiMum Frugal”

    1. Hi. They really are so yummy. You can get Golden Syrup in most Supermarkets (my current one is by silver spoon). I guess you could use any Syrup as long as it is thick syrup. Good Luck! let me know how you get on!. Lynsey x

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