Paulos Circus Visit’s The South West – Darts Farm.

Paulos Circus visits the South West

The Children are always asking to go to the Circus whenever they see posters up, but usually, they clash with prior arrangements.

So when I was contacted by Paulos Circus and asked to come along to the show I jumped at the opportunity.

Paulos Circus was established in 1816 and is one of the Oldest Circuses

Paulos Circus
Paulos Circus is in Town!!!
It also meant that the kids did as they were told to do for a week and I used this invitation to my advantage with the little Hill’s.


I also took my Mum along as she hasn’t seen a Circus since it was in a ring of sawdust and horses running about.


On approaching Dart’s Farm you could see the Big Top and the Paulos Circus Logo, this led to loads of shrill shrieking!!! Granny doesn’t get out Much…

Paulos Circus

We were greeted by a Storm Trooper who said “Halt” Dionysus found this hilarious and tried to fight said Storm Trooper with his flashing glow stick.

Popcorn, Candyfloss, Hot Dogs, along with hot and cold drinks.

Paulos Circus

Glow sticks are also available to purchase for a few pounds…but I always bring ours from home! so I didn’t purchase any.

The Big Top is also Heated/Air Cooled.

There was an array of glitzy flashing lights with stars and spotlights…the Children were mesmerised. Then the lights went down and the 60-second countdown began!.

The show is full of Jaw-dropping death-defying spectaculars.

I asked the Children to help me decide which part we loved most about Paulos Circus.  Yes, we loved the Trapeze and Aerial artists as they effortlessly floated and twisted elegantly through the air.

The Ring Master was loud and funny with an infectious personality.

Paulos Circus


Mr. N was the above average energetic clown with his humorous blunders and pranks. Thanks for the photo Mr. N!.

Paulos Circus
Mr N

The Ring of Death was spectacular, we were all teetering on the edge of our seats, we all gasped and clenched our hearts throughout… then to top it off the Male performer is then Blindfolded!!! Super talented.

Paulos Circus
Ring Of Death

But for us as a Family we found the Magic show was AWESOME!! The couple changed various times, each time having a darkened material hoop pulled up to their heads, leaving seconds until they are unveiled in a different outfit…The Finale was tipping a bucket of confetti over the female performer (who was wearing a gold dress) transforming her dress  into a beautiful white long dress!!.

This really did leave us all saying “Huh??  how did that happen??

Magic show Paulos Circus

I’ve replayed the video more times than I care to admit to and I still can’t figure it out!. My Husband thinks the dress is thrown over her in the confetti bucket….Maybe?

The show runs for just over an hour, all seats are £7, although you can print off a £2 off each ticket voucher…see Paulos Circus website for further details.

Paulos Circus
Meet the performers

Show times

Monday-Wednesday : No shows available

Thursday and Friday: 5:00 pm and 7:15 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm

Paulos Circus are at Darts Farm until 9th July

Tickets are available to purchase from the Box Office from 10am.

Paulos Circus are traveling to Newquay, The Circus Field, TR8 4QB

Thursday 13th July – Thursday 2nd September  

(see website/facebook page for further information).

One for all the Family!. We can’t wait until they visit again next year!!

I was invited along with a plus one for an Honest review…all thoughts and opinions are of our own, based on a family perspective.


Lynsey x




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