OptiMum Frugal’s Top 10 saving money tips. Keep calm…be Frugal!


My top 10 tips to saving money.

By now you have probably already gathered that I LOVE saving money!.

So I thought I would share a few of my top money saving tips with you!. As i’m also a mature student studying Accountancy, I also will also include any *Student discounts. All helps with saving money.

OptiMumFrugal saving money

  1. Cash back sites are a great way to earn money back. I personally use topcashback.
  2. Generally I tend to give a lot of the kids clothes away (to parents at the same school), especially School uniforms,  that way you tend to get items back for any younger siblings
  3. I always search for voucher codes whenever I do any online shopping, it surprising how many vouchers are out there! plus you can still use the cash back sites too.
  4. Buy in bulk when items are on offer.
  5. Buying large pieces of meat and cut them down, cook up mass batches of homemade goods freeze them down.
  6. NUS Extra *for Students offer discounts on lots of products, including the Co Operative. You can purchase a NUS card for about £12 a year or I think its cheaper if you purchase a 3 Year one.
  7. Purchase kids party bags items in the January sales or throughout the year when you see them on offer!. Our party bags always contain lots of quality goodies and I only ever budget for 70p-£1.00 per party bag.
  8. I only get my haircut at Gershwins as Kirsty is the only person I trust to cut my hair!. I get stand by appointments which are £10.00 off. If you recommend a friend you get a whopping 50% off and so does the friend.

    Feel free to say I referred you and we will both get 50% off.

  9. If you are a  *Student, and have a student email you can get the student Microsoft package 365 for free…saves you about £70.
  10. Keep a look out for the Woodland Trust events (held nationally). Most of the events are completely free!, we  have never been disappointed! take food and drinks though!.

I would love to hear of your top money-saving tips and ways of saving money!.

Lynsey x


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