Lego storage solution..BLOKPOD Is a GOD!. I now embrace Lego

Lego storage solution

         LEGO STORAGE SOLUTION            

LEGO…who doesn’t love Lego?

Blockpod lego storage solutions


My Hoover for one doesn’t!, however much I try, there are still some sneaky little bits of Lego that end up in the “Tube of doom”…what difference can one little piece make?.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really do like Lego, and appreciate the benefits of an hour or so of Lego…I find it quite therapeutic!…(apart from when Dionysus destroys the end result in seconds!). Plus it ticks the fine motor skills box.

I’ve always needed Storage Solutions in my life (usually Kilner jars !!), they make me feel so much calmer.

But those evil little blocks catch your feet out when your least expecting it, and generally, you’ve risked not wearing those slippers for that one moment….you FOOL!!!.

I was on a mission to find a super duper storage solution.

By the way, according to my nearly 5-Year-Old Son…”One block can make ALL the difference”… Bad Mum Award goes to Me!!!.

So I found this nifty Three tiered Lego sorter called *BLOKPOD Toy & Lego Storage Bin Organizer
for £19.99 on Amazon. Additional tiers can be bought separately, as well as solid dividers.

The BLOKPOD Toy and Lego storage bin holds 16 Litres in three different tiers. With Two clever little dividers. Shake the Pod from side to side and the motion separates the blocks by size, dropping them through the separator grids.

The kids love putting their Lego in the Blokpod storage solution
Fantastic new addition to our household

Size (all measurements are approximate): The Blokpod is 32.5 cm/13 inch in height, 26 cm/10 inch Circumference, 12 cm/4.5 inch per individual tier.

In addition to the storage solution, I was getting a little bit “Stressed”  with all of the Lego instructions floating around the house. So off to Trago I went, to purchase some folders for the instructions.

Eventually, after much browsing around Trago and picking up other unwanted, random items, I found these clear sleeved folders for £2.49. They’ve proved a great success, the kids eagerly hunted through the house for the instructions and even placed them inside, without being asked..result!.

Tip: place a little blue tack at the top of each sleeve, to stop the contents falling out.


The next step forward may well be Lego slippers…

What do you store your Lego in? share your handy tips and help us Mum’s keep sane!.

Lynsey x

Lego storage solutions

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4 thoughts on “Lego storage solution..BLOKPOD Is a GOD!. I now embrace Lego”

  1. This looks great! I’m always on the look out for decent Lego storage. How tall is the Blockpod? Wondering if it would fit under my sons bed. Also you have to show me what your folders look like from Trago, I’ve been looking for some for ages!

    1. Hi Gina. The blokpod measurements are 13″ Height/ 10″ Circumference/ 4.5″ per tier, so Unless Henry has a high sleeper its unlikely to fit under his bed. I’ve added a photo of the folders…loads to choose from, but Trago can be far too overwhelming!.

    1. Hi Cristina. Oh no, it looks like it is unavailable (for now) due to high demand i suspected?. I think Amazon is their only retailer, you could message Blokpod directly and see if they could help? I will keep searching for one for you! – Lynsey x

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