Kids party bags under £1.80 per child…Thrifty Children’s Party bag ideas – Unlock your inner child. Be thrifty as well as nifty

So in February we have Two birthdays and Two parties to organise, Its Dionysus’s birthday on the 13th and Nancie’s on the 17th…so i’m being ultra careful…here’s my top Thrifty children’s party bag ideas.

Luckily with their birthdays soon after the January sales, I managed to bag some bargains for their thrifty party bags.

I’m a keen believer in not giving out plastic tat or items that break after the first use, or a chewy sweet that is bound to send your darling child into a raging monster within 2 minutes.

Dionysus turns 5 this year. I have no idea what other 5 year old’s are into!… Dionysus is just Transformer Mad, end of.

So I opted for Marvel, cant go wrong, surely? plus Poundland had a sale and I got 35 Marvel/Frozen activity sets and 12 packs of Marvel face paints (this will go down well with the Mums) for 25p a piece. A packet of haribo and a balloon for good measure.

Thrifty party bag ideas
Avengers for the boys
Nancie turns 9 this year, and whilst she’s really easy to please, I realise I have the potential to cause embarrassment to her amongst her peers.

So I opted for “Ice cream” bags with a “lip” lip balm, teamed up with a packet sweets I think it makes a perfect “big girl” party bag.

I got the Ice cream bags at Wilko on sale at £1.25 each (were £5), Lip balms were also from Wilko for 25p each (were £1). Add a bag of sweets and you’ve got a fantastic party bag for less than £1.70… Thrifty!. (Admittedly more than my usual £1 max spend, but shes having half the friends so i’m good with that .

Thrifty party bag ideas
Thrifty and Nifty

Now its just to arrange the Two parties, sort the invites and make the cakes..they always want the most extravagant cakes.

Time to think thrifty yet nifty!.

Lynsey x

4 thoughts on “Kids party bags under £1.80 per child…Thrifty Children’s Party bag ideas – Unlock your inner child. Be thrifty as well as nifty”

    1. Hi Harriet. I know, I’m pretty sure I used to get a piece of cake and a balloon in a party bag as a child. Oh how things have changed…”Sigh” x

    1. Hi Arabella, yeah The Book people is a favourite of mine too. It’s nice to get something in a party bag that they can read or something useful X

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