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We got Moby our pure white Jack Russell Terrier at 16 weeks old in 2003…he was the last left in the litter, someone had put down a deposit on him and then changed their mind.

my best pal

We needed a “ratter” for our Pest Control Business. When we when to view him he was such a nervous little thing, cowering underneath a chair, It was love at first sight for me!.

I want him! I said to my Husband when we went outside to discuss it. My Husband said ok but remember he’s a working dog! don’t Mother him!!.

As we drove him back to Bishopsteignton from Dawlish he urinated all over me as he was scared, I didn’t care, I was just so pleased to have my little companion.

Puppy classes didn’t go very well, he was like a jack in a box, jumping up about 4 foot in the air…his character was amazing, he didn’t have a bad bone in his body!.

Needless to say, I Mothered him far too much…his first pest encounter resulted in him chasing a rabbit under a tree, and 2 seconds later he came running out squealing as he was chased by the rabbit. From that day on he stayed at home with me as a pet and the most amazing companion a girl could ever ask for.

He sensed when I was sad when no one else could.

We spent many weekends taking him out and entered him in various terrier racing events at local country shows, he was lean and quick.

In 2007 when my niece was born I headed to Essex to meet her, Nathan had to stay in Devon for work and I really didn’t want to medicate Moby for the trip so he stayed at home… whilst I was away our new bed and mattress was delivered, within hours Moby had destroyed the new mattress after getting in through the bedroom door. At Christmas, he also dug out our brand new leather sofa….he was a pain…but regardless of that I loved the bones of him and wouldn’t have changed him for the world!.

When Nancie came along in 2008 I was worried that Moby would feel pushed aside…but instead, those two became inseparable, it was so adorable! they really were best friends, my heart still melts when I remember the day we bought Nancie home from the hospital…He sniffed her, looked at me barked, then gave her a lick and curled up next to her. He guarded that girl whenever she was around.

How the death of my furry companion changed my life
Feeding time…excuse the mess!

He accepted Erin and Dionysus too when they were born. He cuddled up with them and they petted him when he was scared of fireworks or loud noises, he was a gentle soul.

heart broken
He loved to photo bomb

We took him with us whenever we could, we enjoyed many family camping trips which he loved.

But in April 2012 when Dionysus was 5 weeks old my Bother In Law got married in Scotland, Moby got awful car sickness so we decided to leave him with Nathan’s best friend of over 30 years, this is where he had always stayed if we couldn’t take him with us….and he loved spending time with them.

Our friends had taken Moby and their dog for a walk along Dawlish front, the waves came over the wall and spooked our boy…he jumped onto the track and seconds later a train came along….. our friend held back his girlfriend as she frantically tried to jump onto the track, I thank god that she didn’t get onto the track!.

The British Transport was called so the lines could be stopped to retrieve Moby. Moby died instantly (I won’t go into details) but our friends retrieved him and took him to the vets until we arrived back.

The phone call was the worst …I knew by the tears in my Husbands eyes that our Moby was gone. I had never considered his death to be so close. We never did find his collar and believe me I spent weeks looking across the track. It took a couple of days before we told Nancie that her best pal had gone….at age 4 it was a hard thing to tell her, she completely broke down screaming “No” “No” “No” It broke my heart all over again.

We’ve never held any ill feeling towards our friends (although admittedly I did have a lot of what ifs), we had just lost our Moby, we weren’t prepared to lose our friends too, and they were hurting, still hurting to this day, I really don’t think they will ever get over that day…neither will we.

I never thought about what a huge responsibility it was to leave Moby with anyone.

To this day I have never forgiven myself for leaving him. I lost my best pal that day…my heart will always be broken and I don’t think I will ever have another dog again as I would never get another Moby.

optimum frugal
Our last family photo

I don’t think I will ever be me again, I lost a part of me that day, these days I’m a stressed person who thinks bad things can happen at any moment.

Such a tragic ending for the softest of souls.

The death of a pet is a strange one, I still smell him around the house (even though we have moved since his death), A white Jack Russell has me in tears, I shudder when a train goes past…and I still cry myself to sleep sometimes and cuddle up with his photo.

I will always love you Moby until my last breath.

    Lynsey x





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