Father Christmas rules….are there any? Poll time! Vote now!

Father Christmas…Mr Clause… Santa…The big man in red. What happens in your home?.

Presents Galore
Father Christmas has been!

 From my childhood, I was always under the impression that Father Christmas bought the stocking gifts and One reasonable sized present…

(if you were on the good list that is!).

Now, last week… whilst at College, chatting to a Friend, we got onto the topic of “Father Christmas” she informed me that “her” Father Christmas buys ALL of her Daughters presents!!!!.

I was honestly that shocked that I nearly spat my coffee out all over the Computer

Father Christmas Joy
Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and Mr Clause is a well-kept secret in our household, but…there is no way that Dude is taking all of the credit for months of me wracking my brain to think of mind blowing gifts and saving all the pennies throughout the year.

‘I want some of the credit for those smiles and shrieks of joy!!’

Initially I thought that the differences might be down to regions?, as a few friends from Bristol both said that ALL of the present’s came from Father Christmas.

So I thought it would be interesting to find out what Father Christmas brings to your home? and does he come down the Chimney or does he have a magic key?.

Vote now!!

It would also be great if you could leave a comment in the Comment section as to which area you live in.

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Lynsey x

2 thoughts on “Father Christmas rules….are there any? Poll time! Vote now!”

  1. As another Mrs hill ( we are sister in laws ) but being Scottish here’s what we do . All gifts from Santa . Although Alex who is 14 knows the truth and Callum a month short of 11 ( kind of border line believes ) have always been told we send our our money to Santa for him to decide if you have been good enough to get what your asking for . We don’t tend to do stocking either would rather buy a good item than little things to fill stockings . We also have a 30 year tradition of getting your elf bag on Christmas ever . My mum started this with us when we were little and now does this with all of her grandchildren . On Christmas Eve there a mysterious knock on your door where you find a bag from the elf’s containing new pyjamas , books , toys , sweets, Santa dust , hot chocolates . You now know it’s time to get to bed or Santa doesn’t come . Hopefully I will be able to keep traction going when I have grandchildren

    1. Ohhh that’s interesting that you send him all your money!
      I would struggle with that! Trying to keep boxes hidden!!.
      Ahh we do a Christmas eve box, but never thought to have it left outside!! There’s an idea 💡

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