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If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the sheer amount of belongings in your home, follow my 7 Steps to Decluttering your Home and Mind.



last year our Home was over crammed with non-essential items… Decluttering was was my Optimum goal.

Have a Charity month – For one month, put away one thing a day to take to the Charity shop.

One in One Out – To solve serious storage problems, develop a one in one out system, where for every item you bring into your home, one item has to leave your home.

Cleanse your mind – Give your mind and body a declutter aswell!. How about a book of Meditation for your bathroom? or before bed?.  Check out Gypsy Soul’s Mindfulness book wishlist.

Don’t be a hoarder – If the sight of your wardrobe makes you dive under the duvet, maybe its time to develop a system?. Each Season, wash and put away the clothes you won’t wear until another season.

Cull your files – Do you really need all those bank statements? keep the last 6 years and shred the rest. And as for birthday cards…do you need all of them that you have kept since you were born? I always keep the 1st birthday cards and the handmade ones and recycle the rest.

Sort your drawers out – Make a divide…sorting clothes into Winter and Summer sections. Donate or sell any clothing you haven’t worn for a year.

Yearly bootsales – Do a Family bootsale once a year, we make it a competition to see who can sell the most items and it’s really great for the kids with their Maths.

We still have a long way to go, but already I’m feeling Liberated.

Decluttering your mind and soul
I hope you have enjoyed my 7 Steps to Decluttering your Home and Mind.

I would love to hear your ideas too.

Love Lynsey x


12 thoughts on “7 Steps to Decluttering your Home and Mind – OptiMum Frugal”

  1. Some people need help to declutter, and as a private housekeeper, I provide boxes and trays to my clients and help to motivate them to begin, as it will save them money if less of my time is spent shifting stuff so I can vacuum and clean. I also offer to take whatever they don’t want off their hands, which makes the project less hassle for them and I do this on a donation basis.
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    1. Absolutely! It can suddenly escalate…I have known many people that have got overwhelmed by their belongings. I love the boxes and trays idea!!. You have no doubt helped those people more than you realise.

    1. Hi Jo. Car boot sales are great, well done, hope you did well 🙂 It’s great for Eldest too!

    1. Hi Clare, Moving helps, we always decluttered before moving. I think more when I see a bargain…am I prepared to give up an item I already own 🙂

  2. I need to have a declutter. We have clothes that don’t fit in every conceivable space in the house. Same for books and kids toys. I have a weird sentimental attachment to things!

    1. I’m exactly the same Lisa, I have a sentimental attachment to most things too!. But I feel so much calmer with a less cluttered home. Come new year it will be back to a cluttered home …boo hoo

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