Welcome to OptiMum Frugal 

I’m a Fun loving Frugal Mum living in the heart of the West Country (South Devon), with my Three children and  African Land snail called Tigger (who is anti social to say the least). I’m constantly trying to cut the costs of everyday living.

The topics that I will generally write about are Frugal Mum lifestyle, frugal living, family, Children orientated subjects, days out, saving money, Coupons, bargains.

Life as a Mum

Mum to three adorable (but tiresome) children. I love the luxuries in life but I have always found it hard to part with my hard-earned readies…. I want a Frugal Mum Lifestyle!.

Here i will try to show you how to spend less but get more, in the hunt for a Frugal Mum Lifestyle.

But first I will tell all.. possibly the most I have told anyone…

Life before the little Monsters

Bought up in  “East Anglia”….OK Essex!, the youngest of Four. In a Home where extra money for luxuries was not an option , had its good points and its bad points. I learnt from an early age to spend wisely, yet live a life that meant I didn’t go without.

Holland On Sea  life – Main home

At the age of 5 years old my parents separated. It was hard, My family home was in Holland On Sea.

My Mum lived here since she was 21! (until she moved to Devon 2 years ago)… A 3 bedroom detached bungalow with a 80 foot garden and sea views… (a rather money orientated part of Essex, which was generally populated by retired people, who knew your every move).

My Dad on the other moved to Jaywick (The most deprived area in the UK) not due to money reasons, he just liked the Community atmosphere.

Jaywick – Weekend home …Or West Clacton as many would call it…

Life in Jaywick was completely different to Holland, even though it was just a few miles away…the divide was very obvious. Even at such an early age.

In Holland I spent the winter sledging through the snow, where as Jaywick would have a flood and the local kid’s would get the dingy’s out and paddle through the Avenue!.

To this day, I still couldn’t tell you what I most enjoyed about my upbringing, as I truly believe that having the best of both gave me the most potential in life. It made me the person I am today (I still can’t decide if this is a positive or negative), my only wish would be that my parents would have stayed together.

But now at the grand old age of 21 (again and again, oh ok 37 ), I now realise, being a parent myself that sometimes staying together for the sake of the children is not always the best option. And most probably the hardest decision that a parent will ever make under certain circumstances.

As a child I was regularly dragged around jumble sales, auctions and bootsales….which I thoroughly enjoyed until I started secondary school, that’s when it wasn’t “cool” or remotely enjoyable. I still cringe to this day, when I remember bumping into a school mate, even though they were there for the exact same reason.

Pros and cons to such a contrast in Environments…

Holland had its pros and its cons…most people living there were employed or retired and on average over 50 years old, so I got lots of wisdom! But it was sometimes boring as hell.

Jaywick …the Broadlands to be precise,  also had its pros and cons too..most people were unemployed,  on average 30 years old and not always the most desirable of society (as we know it). But on the whole, it was fun and there were many a friend to be made.

Jaywick is also the home to the renowned Danny Sloggett from Channel 5s programme. Who is one of the most upbeat characters I have met!. I have may stories, many are unbelievable, most would make your cringe.

Moving to the West Country….me lurver!

I moved to the West Country  10 months after meeting my Husband….we met at the Olive Branch brassiere in Thorpe Le Soken, hated each other, then fell madly in love and married in 2010. After 2 girls he finally popped the question.

Sadly I left my best friend Kizzy behind. Friends for over 15 years. She really is just the best friend I could ever wish for!, a Mum to 5, soon to be 6!, crazy? yes most probably, but an excellent Mum! she’s a natural.

The frugal side 

Food – this is me in a nutshell, I cook everything from scratch – from Spaghetti bolognaise to curry, all my methods are tried, tested and given a rating for easiness, price and most of all rated by a 4, 7 and 8-year-old. But we do also dine out and even have junk food if we are too busy! I’m no Mary Poppins…not by a long shot!.

Meet the Children


Nancie– My first born…The most adorable child, modest, naturally beautiful and a smile to die for. Beautiful inside and out…struggles with education due to dyslexia issues, her colourimetry glasses are mega cool, and I swear I can see spot on with these little darlings!) but she is eager to learn.

Whilst she struggles (at the moment in reading and writing) she excels in anything sporty!, she’s a natural swimmer, runner or anything physical…she is the girl I want to be! and much more. My heart truly melts every time I see her. Pure bliss as a baby, hence the arrival of Erin when Nancie was 17 months (what were we thinking???)



Erin – Second child syndrome…She is über confident, even though she’s tiny (apart from the elf like ears), looks like ‘butter wouldnt melt’ dont be fooled….many are! she’s a devil in disguise!.

she’s a force not to be reckoned with, do not under-estimate this girl, excels in most subjects. But sport wise, she runs like forest gump, saying that she’s pretty good on a space hopper. She’s the girl I don’t ever want to piss off. Cried from the moment she was born, I had to sleep in her cot with her more nights than I care to remember.



Dionysus …Or Dion as he is generally called.

(Named by my Husband…it was either that or James, sorry to all the James or Jim’s)

Last born….and no more!!! I am done!!!, what can I say about the boy?.

His whole life revolves around TRANSFORMERS…he knows absolutely everything there is to know about these damn things (and I MEAN everything!!!!).  He’s confident, gorgeous and academic.

If his brain would function to anything apart from transformers he might well be a genius?.

He’s the boy that you just want to hug, oh and squeeze those chubby cheeks…if you can get by the hundreds of transformers that stand in your way. He’s a daddy’s boy through and through. The boy is built like a tank, solid and strong.

Pizza fun

All three of our children look like Daddy….not once has my jet black hair shone through…….but the thickness has (of the hair that is)…result!!!

Frugal Mum lifestyle 

Now I embrace Frugal mum living, saving pennies (this would usually go towards a holiday). Going to a charity shop or a bootsale and getting an absolute bargain gives me a high… an absolute BUZZ.

Saving Money, living a frugal life is my OptiMum game. Picking up reduced food makes me feel happier when I cook up a delight! and at a fraction of the price.

Being married to a head chef of a 2AA Rosette boutique hotel (a super talented chef ….but hush don’t tell him. This means I can buy large amounts of meat that he cuts up into different cuts, this saves a lot of money. This alone makes Hubby a “keeper”.

Now that I have my own children I am keen to drill into them that you can have an excellent quality of life and embrace your Frugal Mum lifestyle side without living beyond your means. I love being a frugal Mum!

My Principles in life are Family, Fun, Frugal Mum lifestyle.


Love Lynsey x

OptiMum Frugal