Rosebuds Preloved Bump, Baby & Children’s Markets

As a frugal Family we love to visit Charity shops and Carboot sales, but as the weather has not been so great we were delighted to be invited along to Rosebuds Preloved Bump, Baby & Children’s Market In Newton Abbot to see what they had to offer.

The event was held at DCA Hall, Newton Abbot College, Exeter Road in Newton Abbot, the site had ample parking and has pushchair/ wheelchair access.

There are various of dates and locations for Rosebuds Preloved Bump, Baby & Children’s Market upcoming events.

Second hand baby and childrens items

A little about Rosebuds Preloved Bump, Baby & Children’s Markets
Rosebuds is Currently owned by Liane Collins, Liane resides in Newton Abbot with her Husband Richard and young Son Oliver.
Liane provides the folk of  Teignbridge, Torbay, and South Hams an affordable way of living by offering parents and carers a chance to save money/make money by buying or selling their nearly new pregnancy, baby, and children related items.
As a parent herself, Liane realises that every penny matters and every pound even more so.


The Children were really excited to see what Preloved items they could get with their £3.00 pocket money.

We arrived at 10 am the hall was packed with stalls bursting with vibrant brightly coloured toys, clothes, and books that drew the children in!.

Considering it was snowing in the morning I was surprised to see such a good turn out. We spent a good hour browsing around the stalls, picking out bargains, having a go on the bouncy castle, eating cake and drinking coffee… which made it a pretty Fun, Frugal Family morning out.

Frugal finds



There were also some local trade stalls

  Water Babies  – Rowan Bradford


Water babies teach your baby to swim, gain confidence and have fun in the water (from birth t0 4 years) covering  Devon and Somerset including Exeter, Chudleigh, Newton Abbot, Dawlish, Axminster, Seaton, Taunton, Wellington, North Curry, Bridgwater, Yeovil & Sherborne.  Rowan is a really lovely genuine lady who has a passion for what she does. For further information contact Rowan at Water babies.


 Newton Abbot Navigators

Newton Abbot Navigators Preloved cake sale

Firstly Kate, Natassia, and Rob make great cakes, amazing shortbread biscuits, and much needed hot refreshments!.

Newton Abbot Navigators is a Voluntary group (non-        profit) that is run by volunteers, offering a wide            range of activities from arts and crafts to cooking            science and community work.

At this moment the group caters for ages 4-8 years. Why not have a look at their Facebook page here.

Or For more information contact (site might be under construction) Newton Abbot Navigators 


My three came back with 6 books a bespoke bookmark, teddy and a purse, and they only spent £3.60 in total! which is a bargain. I, on the other hand, bought lots of cakes and biscuits to take home as the snow was setting in.

The event ended early due to the snow coming in so quickly..the Hall Management team made the decision to close the Hall.

So to round up what we thought of Rosebuds Preloved Bump, Baby & Children’s Market, It was a really great morning, Indoor markets are a fantastic idea, as even if its raining or windy outside you can still carry on with your bargain hunting.

The Children were happy with their finds (and they looked around quietly for at least 40 minutes) there was a good selection of items (pregnancy to 8 years), all items were very reasonably priced and most stalls were up for a bit of bartering.


You could easily pick up an outfit (top, trousers and cardy) for your child for less than £4.00! , Which is a huge saving ! if you were buying new, an outfit could easily cost you £20 upwards.

Having three young children of my own, I know first hand how expensive buying new can be and in all reality, they outgrow it so quickly or get bored of playing with the item.

Buying Preloved items, not only helps your pocket but helps the environment too!.

Liane is creating a much needed and vital service to South Devon. I’m sure with her lovely personality and “Go get it” attitude, this lovely little business will go from strength to strength.

The next event is on 20 May at 10:0012:00 at King Edward VI Community CollegeAshburton Road, TQ9 5JX Totnes.

For more information on booking a table at the next Rosebuds event, Contact Liane here

Lynsey x


I was asked to come along to provide an honest review. All thoughts are of my own opinion.

Shoppix App Review – Get tokens and rewards from receipts – OptiMum Frugal

Make money by simply taking a photo of your receipt and submitting to Shoppix.

I was recently introduced to Shoppix by Gina Caro from GypsySoul Blog


Token receipt

Gina sent me a referral link with a referral code attached (this gives you extra reward tokens), I had to add this when I signed up for a free account.

How I started

Download the Shoppix App (phone is best as its easy to submit photos. Log into Shoppix and set up an Account (this took just a couple of minutes)


          Enter the Referral code: 5096Z26F                  (and you will earn up to 200 tokens, I       also get up to 200).  You have to wait for a minute or so for a confirmation email, click           on the link and you are good to go!.

You get more tokens by Completing your registration, updating your profile, winning scratchcards and completing surveys.

Submitting receipts is really quick and easy!

Get your receipt out, flatten it and place it on a flat surface, Open up the app, press the camera icon, make sure when you take your photo it is within the dotted lines and the whole receipt is visible! take the photo and then press finish…nearly done, press go, tell them who paid for the trip and press next to submit.

I started on Wednesday 15th November 2017, and so far to date (Monday 20th November 2017) I have earnt:

20 tokens – scratchcard win.

25 tokens – Asda receipt

100 tokens – First receipt bonus

20 tokens – Survey (Pet Quiz)

25 tokens – Asda receipt

5 tokens – Time bonus (receipt sent same day)

25 tokens – Mc Donalds receipt

25 tokens – Asda receipt

5 tokens – Time bonus (receipt sent same day)

25 tokens – Asda receipt

25 tokens – Trago Mills filling station

5 tokens – Time bonus (Receipt sent same day)

25 tokens – Wilko receipt

Total tokens: 730

I have a lot of receipts, the kids and I love to womble for receipts, but it was generally Asda receipts for The Price Guarantee or Tesco to get the points. Now they are picking up any receipts and clearing up the streets in the process!! Win Win situation.


Once you have 3200 tokens you can exchange them for rewards

Amazon voucher: 3200 = £5.00 or 6000 = £10.00

I Tunes Voucher: 3200 = £5.00 or 6000 = £10.00

Love2Shop Vouchers: 3200 = £5.00 or 6000 = £10.00

Paypal deposit: 3200 = £5.00 or 6000 = £10.00

I may even save up the points so that Hubby can have some I Tunes vouchers.


As far as I am aware you can use almost any receipts as long as they have:

The shop/service provider, date (must be within 7 days), the individual items or services paid for and the total price paid. The receipt must be printed and not handwritten.

They do not accept bus or train tickets

I have used receipts from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Mc Donalds, Coop, Vue, Poundland, Trago Mills filling station and Main site, Morrisons, Asda, Marks & Spencers and Wilko.

If you submit your receipts on the same day you will receive a 5 token bonus.

Please note if you submit more than one receipt to the same store in one day….only 1 will count!

Update: Friday 24th November (9 days in) and I have now reached 1265 points! and only 1935 tokens away from my first £5.00.


Give Shoppix a go and let me know how you find it?  Or if you already had Shoppix, I would love to hear some tips !.

Don’t forget to enter 5096Z26F in the referral box for extra tokens.

Lynsey x











Quick and Easy Rocky Road Fridge Bars – OptiMum Frugal

These Fridge bars are an ideal addition to your fridge and store for up to a month! Whats not to like about them!

Makes up to 16 bite-sized bars (depending on the size you want).

Cost:£2.54 (based on Asda’s own products)

Rocky Road Fridge Bars


125g soft unsalted Butter (chopped)

300g Dark Chocolate (broken into pieces)

3 TBSP Golden Syrup

100g Mini Marshmallows

200g Rich Tea Biscuits (broken into small pieces)



Parchment paper


Tin (I use a 2″ deep square 8″x 8″ tin)

Airtight storage container



Heat the Butter, Chocolate, and Syrup gently in a pan until melted.

(Remove approx 125ml of the chocolate mixture and set aside).

Add the broken biscuits and marshmallows to the mixture and fold in.

Line the tin with parchment paper.

Add the mixture to the lined tin, press and smooth.

Pour on the set aside Chocolate mixture and level.

Allow to set in the fridge for at least two hours – overnight if possible).

Once it has set, use a large sharp knife to cut into required size (i cut mine into 16).

You can also add dried fruits/nuts to the mixture or add a few chocolate chips ontop.

Store in an airtight storage container for upto a month.



How the death of my furry companion changed my life completely – OptiMum Frugal

We got Moby our pure white Jack Russell Terrier at 16 weeks old in 2003…he was the last left in the litter, someone had put down a deposit on him and then changed their mind.

my best pal

We needed a “ratter” for our Pest Control Business. When we when to view him he was such a nervous little thing, cowering underneath a chair, It was love at first sight for me!.

I want him! I said to my Husband when we went outside to discuss it. My Husband said ok but remember he’s a working dog! don’t Mother him!!.

As we drove him back to Bishopsteignton from Dawlish he urinated all over me as he was scared, I didn’t care, I was just so pleased to have my little companion.

Puppy classes didn’t go very well, he was like a jack in a box, jumping up about 4 foot in the air…his character was amazing, he didn’t have a bad bone in his body!.

Needless to say, I Mothered him far too much…his first pest encounter resulted in him chasing a rabbit under a tree, and 2 seconds later he came running out squealing as he was chased by the rabbit. From that day on he stayed at home with me as a pet and the most amazing companion a girl could ever ask for.

He sensed when I was sad when no one else could.

We spent many weekends taking him out and entered him in various terrier racing events at local country shows, he was lean and quick.

In 2007 when my niece was born I headed to Essex to meet her, Nathan had to stay in Devon for work and I really didn’t want to medicate Moby for the trip so he stayed at home… whilst I was away our new bed and mattress was delivered, within hours Moby had destroyed the new mattress after getting in through the bedroom door. At Christmas, he also dug out our brand new leather sofa….he was a pain…but regardless of that I loved the bones of him and wouldn’t have changed him for the world!.

When Nancie came along in 2008 I was worried that Moby would feel pushed aside…but instead, those two became inseparable, it was so adorable! they really were best friends, my heart still melts when I remember the day we bought Nancie home from the hospital…He sniffed her, looked at me barked, then gave her a lick and curled up next to her. He guarded that girl whenever she was around.

How the death of my furry companion changed my life
Feeding time…excuse the mess!

He accepted Erin and Dionysus too when they were born. He cuddled up with them and they petted him when he was scared of fireworks or loud noises, he was a gentle soul.

heart broken
He loved to photo bomb

We took him with us whenever we could, we enjoyed many family camping trips which he loved.

But in April 2012 when Dionysus was 5 weeks old my Bother In Law got married in Scotland, Moby got awful car sickness so we decided to leave him with Nathan’s best friend of over 30 years, this is where he had always stayed if we couldn’t take him with us….and he loved spending time with them.

Our friends had taken Moby and their dog for a walk along Dawlish front, the waves came over the wall and spooked our boy…he jumped onto the track and seconds later a train came along….. our friend held back his girlfriend as she frantically tried to jump onto the track, I thank god that she didn’t get onto the track!.

The British Transport was called so the lines could be stopped to retrieve Moby. Moby died instantly (I won’t go into details) but our friends retrieved him and took him to the vets until we arrived back.

The phone call was the worst …I knew by the tears in my Husbands eyes that our Moby was gone. I had never considered his death to be so close. We never did find his collar and believe me I spent weeks looking across the track. It took a couple of days before we told Nancie that her best pal had gone….at age 4 it was a hard thing to tell her, she completely broke down screaming “No” “No” “No” It broke my heart all over again.

We’ve never held any ill feeling towards our friends (although admittedly I did have a lot of what ifs), we had just lost our Moby, we weren’t prepared to lose our friends too, and they were hurting, still hurting to this day, I really don’t think they will ever get over that day…neither will we.

I never thought about what a huge responsibility it was to leave Moby with anyone.

To this day I have never forgiven myself for leaving him. I lost my best pal that day…my heart will always be broken and I don’t think I will ever have another dog again as I would never get another Moby.

optimum frugal
Our last family photo

I don’t think I will ever be me again, I lost a part of me that day, these days I’m a stressed person who thinks bad things can happen at any moment.

Such a tragic ending for the softest of souls.

The death of a pet is a strange one, I still smell him around the house (even though we have moved since his death), A white Jack Russell has me in tears, I shudder when a train goes past…and I still cry myself to sleep sometimes and cuddle up with his photo.

I will always love you Moby until my last breath.

    Lynsey x





Paulos Circus Visit’s The South West – Darts Farm.

The Children are always asking to go to the Circus whenever they see posters up, but usually, they clash with prior arrangements.

So when I was contacted by Paulos Circus and asked to come along to the show I jumped at the opportunity.

Paulos Circus was established in 1816 and is one of the Oldest Circuses

Paulos Circus
Paulos Circus is in Town!!!
It also meant that the kids did as they were told to do for a week and I used this invitation to my advantage with the little Hill’s.


I also took my Mum along as she hasn’t seen a Circus since it was in a ring of sawdust and horses running about.


On approaching Dart’s Farm you could see the Big Top and the Paulos Circus Logo, this led to loads of shrill shrieking!!! Granny doesn’t get out Much…

Paulos Circus

We were greeted by a Storm Trooper who said “Halt” Dionysus found this hilarious and tried to fight said Storm Trooper with his flashing glow stick.

Popcorn, Candyfloss, Hot Dogs, along with hot and cold drinks.

Paulos Circus

Glow sticks are also available to purchase for a few pounds…but I always bring ours from home! so I didn’t purchase any.

The Big Top is also Heated/Air Cooled.

There was an array of glitzy flashing lights with stars and spotlights…the Children were mesmerised. Then the lights went down and the 60-second countdown began!.

The show is full of Jaw-dropping death-defying spectaculars.

I asked the Children to help me decide which part we loved most about Paulos Circus.  Yes, we loved the Trapeze and Aerial artists as they effortlessly floated and twisted elegantly through the air.

The Ring Master was loud and funny with an infectious personality.

Paulos Circus


Mr. N was the above average energetic clown with his humorous blunders and pranks. Thanks for the photo Mr. N!.

Paulos Circus
Mr N

The Ring of Death was spectacular, we were all teetering on the edge of our seats, we all gasped and clenched our hearts throughout… then to top it off the Male performer is then Blindfolded!!! Super talented.

Paulos Circus
Ring Of Death

But for us as a Family we found the Magic show was AWESOME!! The couple changed various times, each time having a darkened material hoop pulled up to their heads, leaving seconds until they are unveiled in a different outfit…The Finale was tipping a bucket of confetti over the female performer (who was wearing a gold dress) transforming her dress  into a beautiful white long dress!!.

This really did leave us all saying “Huh??  how did that happen??

Magic show Paulos Circus

I’ve replayed the video more times than I care to admit to and I still can’t figure it out!. My Husband thinks the dress is thrown over her in the confetti bucket….Maybe?

The show runs for just over an hour, all seats are £7, although you can print off a £2 off each ticket voucher…see Paulos Circus website for further details.

Paulos Circus
Meet the performers

Show times

Monday-Wednesday : No shows available

Thursday and Friday: 5:00 pm and 7:15 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm

Paulos Circus are at Darts Farm until 9th July

Tickets are available to purchase from the Box Office from 10am.

Paulos Circus are traveling to Newquay, The Circus Field, TR8 4QB

Thursday 13th July – Thursday 2nd September  

(see website/facebook page for further information).

One for all the Family!. We can’t wait until they visit again next year!!

I was invited along with a plus one for an Honest review…all thoughts and opinions are of our own, based on a family perspective.


Lynsey x




7 Steps to Decluttering your Home and Mind – OptiMum Frugal

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the sheer amount of belongings in your home, follow my 7 Steps to Decluttering your Home and Mind.



last year our Home was over crammed with non-essential items… Decluttering was was my Optimum goal.

Have a Charity month – For one month, put away one thing a day to take to the Charity shop.

One in One Out – To solve serious storage problems, develop a one in one out system, where for every item you bring into your home, one item has to leave your home.

Cleanse your mind – Give your mind and body a declutter aswell!. How about a book of Meditation for your bathroom? or before bed?.  Check out Gypsy Soul’s Mindfulness book wishlist.

Don’t be a hoarder – If the sight of your wardrobe makes you dive under the duvet, maybe its time to develop a system?. Each Season, wash and put away the clothes you won’t wear until another season.

Cull your files – Do you really need all those bank statements? keep the last 6 years and shred the rest. And as for birthday cards…do you need all of them that you have kept since you were born? I always keep the 1st birthday cards and the handmade ones and recycle the rest.

Sort your drawers out – Make a divide…sorting clothes into Winter and Summer sections. Donate or sell any clothing you haven’t worn for a year.

Yearly bootsales – Do a Family bootsale once a year, we make it a competition to see who can sell the most items and it’s really great for the kids with their Maths.

We still have a long way to go, but already I’m feeling Liberated.

Decluttering your mind and soul
I hope you have enjoyed my 7 Steps to Decluttering your Home and Mind.

I would love to hear your ideas too.

Love Lynsey x


10 steps to getting organised- OptiMum Frugal

Here are my 10 steps to getting organised!.

It’s hard holding down a job,  juggling children, cooking and keeping up with those dreaded household chores.

Organisation is the key!.

  1. Sew whilst watching TV – Keep a sewing kit in the living room, I sew all buttons on and make essential repairs, whilst enjoying my favourite documentary.10 steps to getting organised
  2. Get fire organised – Keep all important documents in a fire retardant box. I keep passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, and driving license in mine.10 steps to getting organised
  3. Remember birthdays – I’m always forgetting birthdays! now I have a book with names, dates, and addresses….no more excuses.10 steps to getting organised
  4. Double up – Have 2 laundry baskets, one for whites, one for darks.10 steps to getting organised
  5. Be prepared – Have a few essentials in your freezer to combat those off days; Milk, bread, and butter.10 steps to getting organised
  6. Get those cupboards organised – Clean one or two cupboards a week and rearrange items. Leaving it until all at once always feels more of a chore.10 steps to getting organised
  7. Tidy in the evenings – Spend 10 minutes each evening tidying up, it’s always a great feeling to wake up to a tidy house…start your day on a positive note!.
  8. Success if KEY – don’t lose your keys…I always leave mine in the door. Find a good place and always put them there! this will eliminate the ten minutes searching for them when you’re already running late.10 steps to getting organised
  9. Make a contacts book – Include names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. I’ve recently done this due to forgetting to back up my phone contacts when my phone went in for repairs. 200 contacts lost…foolish me!.10 steps to getting organised
  10. Plan your clothes weekly – I have a 5 day (Mon-Fri) clothes plan…I plan for a month and then rotate the clothes and mix up the outfits. At the weekends I end up looking like worzel gummage!!.10 steps to getting organised - optimum frugal

I hope you have enjoyed my 10 steps to getting organised. What do you do to keep your household organised? I would love to hear!.


Love Lynsey x

60 reasons why Coconut Oil should be in your Household

60 Reasons why Coconut Oil should be in your Household

Coconut Oil cleansing kit
Coconut oil cleansing kit

I recently purchased a jar of The Groovy Food Company Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for cleansing.

The jar is 283ml,  so I decided to look into other uses, as you only need a tiny amount to cleanse with.

I found 60 reasons why Coconut Oil should be in your household.

It’s so versatile

My 60 reasons why Coconut Oil should be in your household

1. Cooking – Replace your usual oil with Coconut oil for a healthy and tasty alternative.

2. Gluten Free / Vegan – Compatible with both Gluten free and Vegan cooking

3. Cleanser/Moisturiser – This is my new favorite ritual and leaves your skin silky smooth.

4. Nail treatment – Rub into the cuticles, smoothes flaws and encourages growth.. Trust me this works!!.

5. Removes chewing gum and lots of other sticky substances off carpets and fabrics! Trust me this works!!.

6. Headlice – Use Coconut Oil instead of conditioner…again trust me this works, beats any chemical solution on the market!. Wash as normal then apply a small amount, leave on for 10-15 minutes, comb through with the “Nitty Gritty” comb and rinse.

7. Massage Oil – Feeling achy? in need of a relaxing massage? get your loved one to use Coconut Oil…the lovely aroma is an added bonus.

8. Athletes Foot – Add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and rub into the affected area.

9. Acne – Dab directly onto offending spots. (Gently fights bacteria that causes acne).

10. Stretch Marks – Apply on growing bump though pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks. And apply after birth to reduce scars.

Optimum Frugal
60 Reasons why coconut oil should be in your household

11. Wrinkles – Keeps wrinkles at bay and softens them away.

12. Ringworm – Natural method to eradicate this pesky contagious itching skin disease.                     

13. Lipbalm – Fed up with buying little compact tins of branded balms? Opt for Coconut Oil, a super minimal cost “Au Natural” DIY option…it also appears to offer some protection against the sun approx SPF4.                                                             

14. Cold SoresRub onto cold sore when needed, adding a drop of oregano to speed up the process.  

15. Nappy rashA natural non-chemical way to clear up irritation.                                               

16. BreastfeedingRub onto cracked and sore nipples to ease and moisturise, Also far better than having a Cos shoved down your bra. (Partners/Husbands), please refrain from offering to do the “rubbing”, talking from experience, you have more chance winning the lottery than having your most generous offer accepted).

17. Nosebleedsrub onto the dry areas that can lead to nosebleeds.                                                   

18. Makeup removerOne of my personal favorites…takes waterproof mascara and lipstick off within seconds.                                                  

19. Frizz Ease Tame those wild curls or frizz (warning use half a pea size amount, rubbed onto your hands prior to application). Applying large amounts 10 minutes prior to the school run is not advisable…unless you have a rather large hood or a wooly hat.                                                                    

20. D.I.Y dyeing your hair  Put it around your ears, forehead, and neck to prevent staining (I now use coconut oil rather than vaseline.

63 reasons why coconut oil should be in your household.

21. Alzheimer’s – Research shows that the oil slows down the progression of this disease.

22. Calcium – Helps the body absorb the Calcium and Magnesium.

23. Leather cleaner – Use a “pea” size amount on a uncoloured cloth and rub in circular motion.

24. Cracked Heels – This generous moisturiser is ideal to revitalise those unsightly heels.

25. Coffee – Add to coffee (my favorite one!) You need to whisk the oil into the coffee…which with form a froth (or you could use a bullet)..just adding it to your coffee will leave an oil effect on top of the coffee.                                                                         

26. Salad dressing – warm and drizzle on your salad..this tastes divine, but once it cools it will set again.

27. Facial Scrub – Add a teaspoon of Coconut Oil to a handful of Himalayan Crystal salt for a refreshing facial scrub.

28. After Sun – Soothes sunburn…but use once the heat has reduced (recommended 72 hours).

29. Forget Butter – Reduce those calories and spread your toast and crackers with Coconut oil..very tasty and a healthier alternative.

30. Eczema, Psoriasis, and Dermatitis – Rub onto affected areas to soothe pain and reduce scarring. I personally do this method for my Psoriasis and it really does keep it at bay with twice daily applications.

Cooking with Coconut Oil
Cooking with Coconut Oil

31. Energy –  Boosts your energy (Even more so with a low/zero carbohydrates diet).

32. Deodorant – Mix with Bi-Carbonate Of Soda, Cornstarch and your favourite essential oils for that Au Natural deodoriser.

33. Furniture Oil – Coconut Oil is a fabulous wood restorer which smells divine(Most oils are good at restoring wood, but they are not all completely Organic Raw oils).

34. Chicken Pox – Dab onto the affected spots to soothe and reduce any scarring.

35. Stings/Bites – Rub into the bite, Soothes the infection.

36. Toothpaste – (I really want to try this!) Mix 1 part Coconut Oil with 1 part Bi-Carbonate of Soda and a few drops of Peppermint Oil. Naturally, whitens teeth, freshens breath without added fluoride, sweeteners, preservatives or Chemicals.

37. Aftershave – Rub into hands and apply as you would your usual balm.

38. Toothache – Mix with Clove oil and gargle…whilst cloves are strong and over powering, I personally find that the Coconut balances this out.

39. Haemorrhoids – Said to be a natural remedy (not personally tried this one out) Rub into or around the affected area.

40. Metabolism – Increases Metabolism.

Coconut Oil whisked into coffee is so tasty...just like a coconut shot.
Coconut Oil whisked into coffee is so tasty…just like a coconut shot.

41. Thyroid -Improves the Thyroid Function.            

42. Preserves Eggs – Paint a thin layer over the shell to extend shelf life.                                                

43. Hair Conditioner – Strengthens and repairs. Massage in, leave in for 10-15 and rinse thoroughly (I personally wrap my hair up in a warm towel after).

44. Cradle cap My 3 suffered terribly with cradle drove me crazy! when the light from a flash hit their heads, the cradle cap shone like a beacon!. Gently massage in the coconut oil (teaspoon measure) leave for 10 minutes and gently comb through, rinse thoroughly.

45. Lubricant – (Not tried this to date) All-natural lubricant for those most intimate moments **NOT TO BE USED WITH CONDOMS, AS COMPROMISES PROTECTION***                                                        

46. Stye  – Rub onto affected eyelid. reduces inflammation and redness.

47. Bruises – Rub onto bruised area to moisturise and bring out the bruise.

48. Shaving cream – use as neat Coconut Oil, allows the razor to glide smoothly over your skin.

49. Curbs appetiteThis really should be in the top 10 for me really (but as usual I didn’t plan ahead!). I have a minimum of 10 teaspoons a day (plus in my foods) and my appetite has noticeably dropped).

50. Pet care – Improves breath as well as giving a shiny coat. Help’s reduce fur balls, rub onto your cat’s paws (or dogs I guess) to help improve digestion and reduce hairballs (fur balls).

60 Reasons why coconut oil should be in your household

51. Sore Throats – Use one teaspoon and let it trickle slowly down your throat, I found this really helps but it does take a bit of getting used to.

52. Smoothies – Add a tablespoon to your smoothie and blend thoroughly (Coconut Oil needs to be whisked in order to eradicate the oil film effect.

53. High heat cooking – Coconut oil is ideal for high heat cooking.

54. Bath – Add to your bath to give a refreshing moisturising relaxing bath.

55. Alternative spread – Use on toast, crackers, and bread instead of butter or spread.                

56. Popcorn – This is a favorite with my three kids. add a tablespoon of oil in with the kernels on a high head with a deep based pan with a lid.                      

57. Pan seasoner – Ideal for cast iron seasoning.    

58. Acid reflux/Heartburn – Small teaspoons with foods to keep them at bay.

59. Vapor rub – Mix with peppermint oil, rub onto chest and back.                                                          

60. Detangler – Put a couple of melted drops into a water spray bottle and spritz over hair before brushing.

Refreshing Coconut and Pineapple Smoothie.
60 reasons why Coconut Oil should be in your household

I hope you have enjoyed my 60 reasons why Coconut Oil should be in your household.

I would love to hear from you if you have any great ways of using Coconut oil.

I will soon be sharing my Coconut Oil detox journey….so keep checking in.

Love Lynsey x


Kids party bags under £1.80 per child…Thrifty Children’s Party bag ideas – Unlock your inner child. Be thrifty as well as nifty

So in February we have Two birthdays and Two parties to organise, Its Dionysus’s birthday on the 13th and Nancie’s on the 17th…so i’m being ultra careful…here’s my top Thrifty children’s party bag ideas.

Luckily with their birthdays soon after the January sales, I managed to bag some bargains for their thrifty party bags.

I’m a keen believer in not giving out plastic tat or items that break after the first use, or a chewy sweet that is bound to send your darling child into a raging monster within 2 minutes.

Dionysus turns 5 this year. I have no idea what other 5 year old’s are into!… Dionysus is just Transformer Mad, end of.

So I opted for Marvel, cant go wrong, surely? plus Poundland had a sale and I got 35 Marvel/Frozen activity sets and 12 packs of Marvel face paints (this will go down well with the Mums) for 25p a piece. A packet of haribo and a balloon for good measure.

Thrifty party bag ideas
Avengers for the boys
Nancie turns 9 this year, and whilst she’s really easy to please, I realise I have the potential to cause embarrassment to her amongst her peers.

So I opted for “Ice cream” bags with a “lip” lip balm, teamed up with a packet sweets I think it makes a perfect “big girl” party bag.

I got the Ice cream bags at Wilko on sale at £1.25 each (were £5), Lip balms were also from Wilko for 25p each (were £1). Add a bag of sweets and you’ve got a fantastic party bag for less than £1.70… Thrifty!. (Admittedly more than my usual £1 max spend, but shes having half the friends so i’m good with that .

Thrifty party bag ideas
Thrifty and Nifty

Now its just to arrange the Two parties, sort the invites and make the cakes..they always want the most extravagant cakes.

Time to think thrifty yet nifty!.

Lynsey x

OptiMum Frugal’s Top 10 saving money tips. Keep calm…be Frugal!

My top 10 tips to saving money.

By now you have probably already gathered that I LOVE saving money!.

So I thought I would share a few of my top money saving tips with you!. As i’m also a mature student studying Accountancy, I also will also include any *Student discounts. All helps with saving money.

OptiMumFrugal saving money

  1. Cash back sites are a great way to earn money back. I personally use topcashback.
  2. Generally I tend to give a lot of the kids clothes away (to parents at the same school), especially School uniforms,  that way you tend to get items back for any younger siblings
  3. I always search for voucher codes whenever I do any online shopping, it surprising how many vouchers are out there! plus you can still use the cash back sites too.
  4. Buy in bulk when items are on offer.
  5. Buying large pieces of meat and cut them down, cook up mass batches of homemade goods freeze them down.
  6. NUS Extra *for Students offer discounts on lots of products, including the Co Operative. You can purchase a NUS card for about £12 a year or I think its cheaper if you purchase a 3 Year one.
  7. Purchase kids party bags items in the January sales or throughout the year when you see them on offer!. Our party bags always contain lots of quality goodies and I only ever budget for 70p-£1.00 per party bag.
  8. I only get my haircut at Gershwins as Kirsty is the only person I trust to cut my hair!. I get stand by appointments which are £10.00 off. If you recommend a friend you get a whopping 50% off and so does the friend.

    Feel free to say I referred you and we will both get 50% off.

  9. If you are a  *Student, and have a student email you can get the student Microsoft package 365 for free…saves you about £70.
  10. Keep a look out for the Woodland Trust events (held nationally). Most of the events are completely free!, we  have never been disappointed! take food and drinks though!.

I would love to hear of your top money-saving tips and ways of saving money!.

Lynsey x