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10 steps to getting organised

Here are my 10 steps to getting organised!.

It’s hard holding down a job,  juggling children, cooking and keeping up with those dreaded household chores.

Organisation is the key!.

  1. Sew whilst watching TV – Keep a sewing kit in the living room, I sew all buttons on and make essential repairs, whilst enjoying my favourite documentary.10 steps to getting organised
  2. Get fire organised – Keep all important documents in a fire retardant box. I keep passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, and driving license in mine.10 steps to getting organised
  3. Remember birthdays – I’m always forgetting birthdays! now I have a book with names, dates, and addresses….no more excuses.10 steps to getting organised
  4. Double up – Have 2 laundry baskets, one for whites, one for darks.10 steps to getting organised
  5. Be prepared – Have a few essentials in your freezer to combat those off days; Milk, bread, and butter.10 steps to getting organised
  6. Get those cupboards organised – Clean one or two cupboards a week and rearrange items. Leaving it until all at once always feels more of a chore.10 steps to getting organised
  7. Tidy in the evenings – Spend 10 minutes each evening tidying up, it’s always a great feeling to wake up to a tidy house…start your day on a positive note!.
  8. Success if KEY – don’t lose your keys…I always leave mine in the door. Find a good place and always put them there! this will eliminate the ten minutes searching for them when you’re already running late.10 steps to getting organised
  9. Make a contacts book – Include names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. I’ve recently done this due to forgetting to back up my phone contacts when my phone went in for repairs. 200 contacts lost…foolish me!.10 steps to getting organised
  10. Plan your clothes weekly – I have a 5 day (Mon-Fri) clothes plan…I plan for a month and then rotate the clothes and mix up the outfits. At the weekends I end up looking like worzel gummage!!.10 steps to getting organised - optimum frugal

I hope you have enjoyed my 10 steps to getting organised. What do you do to keep your household organised? I would love to hear!.


Love Lynsey x

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